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Farming Education Program (FEPCIG) Cameroon is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) which is out to encourage agriculture, create a computer literate environment, expose the touristic potentials of Cameroon, reach out to the orphans and people who are in need, stand for environmental protection in a bit to reduce poverty thereby creating a healthy environment conducive for success and peace needed by all mankind.

FEPCIG - Farming Education Program

In particular, FEPCIG:

1.   Trains people on computer education.

2.   Offers health talks to the communities (hygiene and health).

3.   Encourages mixed farming (Crops, fowls, animals).

4.   Offers gifts to the less privileged in schools.

5.   Carries out research on tropical plants for the control and cure of tropical diseases.

6.   Brings the orphans and less privileged together and helps to integrate them into the community, making them to be independent.

7.   We seek for sponsors to the needy children.

8.   Informs the world through news about strange happenings in Cameroon.

9.   We receive students on internship and send them to the areas that best suit them.

FARMING EDUCATION PROGRAM FEPCIG CAMEROON functions in the following areas:

Here, we help the tourists to enter Cameroon and move freely under the guidance of fepcig agents as on the brochures below.

You can find more info here or download our Brochure.

Here we help the communities through trainings, provision of improved seeds and farm inputs to practice the best farming methods so as to have better yields.

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Here, we give health talks to the communities concentrating on hygiene and sanitation so as to make them create healthy environments and increase their lifespan.

Here we educate the communities on computer knowledge and help to equip the graduates with computers to start up their businesses and become independent.

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Here, we are educating the communities on the love for one's nation and the love for one another in order to create a peaceful environment needed for the success of each activity.

Here, we identify children with special needs like orphans, abandoned, the sick, the disabled and the very poor. We help them through sponsors.

You can find more info here.

Here, we accept two types of volunteers: 1. Longterm: these volunteers can work for us for a time lapse of from one year and above.
2. Short term volunteers: these volunteers can work for us a time lapse of less than one year.

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YOU CAN CONTACT US AND HELP US OR BECOME A VOLUNTEER: info@fepcig.org. Tel/WhatsApp: +237674297071

You can find more info here.


FEPCIG needs everybody's help. All your support will be enormously appreciated by us.

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